How to Mix Old and New Decor Styles

When mixing old and new home decor styles, keep in mind the primary factors such as color, form, and texture. Below are among the highly suggested means of managing the balance, consistency, and proportion of home decors that have distinctive styles.

1. Style Planning

Before commencing your home remodeling project, you should first identify the style you are aiming for. A few possibilities that you may go for include antique ornament with contemporary accessories. Both old and new decoration revolves around any particular theme such as shades of blue. Do your best to mix-and-match the styles until you finally achieve your vision.

2. Design Options

You will discover inspiring design options when you browse through catalogs, galleries, and showrooms. Always remember to pay close attention to detail when doing the mix to preserve the cohesion. Matching a traditional chair with a modernized side table or mounting a piece of avant-garde painting in a room festooned with antiques are among the several foxy ideas you may consider.

3. Preserving Personal Taste

Keen observation is a greatly demanded attribute when speaking of combined ancient and modern decors. When planning and designing the whole look and feel of this eclectic mixture, only put the items that suit the current aesthetic to match your taste. Once you have additional pieces that might fit the bill, find ways to retain your preference as much as you can.