Among the few tools that we employ to assist homeowners in creating their dream home are space planning and mood boards.

An indispensable tool, space planning, refers to achieving the best way to arrange your room, maximize space, and tailor the solution to your lifestyle perfectly. Mood boards, on the other hand, are one of the first home styling tools we utilize to determine your style and create an outline of your concept.

During the space planning phase, we check and obtain the measurements of your room, the position of all windows and doors, and the measurements of your furniture so that we can work out the best possible way to piece them smoothly. We mostly do this by using digital rendering software to generate a realistic floor plan of your room. Furthermore, we use space planning in several home relocation projects apart from all our home styling and staging efforts.

After your first consultation, you and your stylist should have come up with at least three (3) concept words to describe how you would prefer your home to look and feel. These concept words will direct the mood board creation, consisting of color palettes, decor, and furniture suggestions. In a glimpse, you can confirm what works as a whole and what doesn’t, therefore showing you whether you have enough texture, light, color, depth, and contrast.

Offered in both our in-person and virtual styling services, space planning, and mood boards enable us to display our styling advice in a manner that is visually inspiring and easy to understand.