Home renovation is no doubt the most appalling of all home improvement projects, but this is also the opportunity when professional guidance becomes priceless. With advice from our licensed stylists and project managers, who have gained years of practical experience doing home renovations locally and overseas, we know how to tackle numerous home renovation projects from start to completion.

Our overall renovation process consists of full project coordination from start to finish, integrated design and styling, core concept planning, partnership with contractors to keep up with budget and schedule, and even electrical planning and lighting.

Since your home improvement goal is the deciding factor, the renovations that we apply depend solely on that objective, ranging from minor fixes to full-scale restoration. Once that goal has been defined, the old home’s architecture, layout, and furniture will be analyzed.

Next, we will provide reputable suppliers, handle the execution of renovations, and remain consistent with the vision to ensure that your brand new home showcases the new you.

Then, we deliver a full project report that is updated every day, with key details such as budgets, furniture purchases, progress updates, and work schedules. This will let you scan through all project information at any time.

Aside from our standard home renovation, we also do remodeling before moving house.

Specifically, we can help you move house as well as coordinate your new home renovation from scratch if you are planning to move into a fixer-upper and consider a massive restoration before the move. As long as you have your renovation and design plans handy, the packing will become easier, and the transition seamless, saving you a lot of time, money, and space.

As a result, we are creating not just a whole new crib but an entirely brand new lifestyle for you and your family.