Before we style your home, we need to make sure it harmonizes with your character or predilection. Getting to know the client’s needs is a crucial elemenat in home styling.

The initial stage of our entire home styling procedure is identifying your preference, which is molded by your nature, personal experiences, and even the things you recently have at home. It could also involve your favorite color scheme or an overall theme. Besides, we hand out questionnaires and converse with you in a friendly manner to confirm everything is set.

The succeeding phase mainly involves translating accumulated concepts into the design that you are looking forward to. While piecing together multiple potential ideas to fit with your desired option, we will pinpoint which of your space, existing furniture, and adornment require enhancement to finalize your dream project’s execution.

In the third and final step in home styling, the execution point, we offer personal shopping and extend handyman work. Helper services range from painting to installations.